Summit Soccer Club is a highly competitive high school athletic program that was designed to meet the needs of the home-schooled athlete. Summit teams compete with Michigan High School Athletic Association teams from both public and private schools, as well as other home-school teams. Our teams are made up of competitive players from lower southeast Michigan whose talent and character have taken them to multiple championships at both the state and national levels (see trophy case).

The name “Summit” was chosen to reflect the primary goal of the club: to reach for the highest level of excellence in our relationship with Jesus Christ, our witness for Him, and our performance as individual soccer players and as a team.

Summit is the premier, home-school soccer club in Michigan, and excels in sportsmanship, skill, and character building.

Vision and Statement of Purpose:

  ~ To provide an opportunity for young men and women to dedicate and develop their physical talents for the glory of God.

  ~ To support Christian home-schooling parents who desire an opportunity for their children to participate in organized and progressively competitive sports.

  ~ To develop and instill Christian character qualities through the experiences provided by team membership, competition, and friendships.

  ~ To provide the opportunity for players to work as a team and to dedicate themselves to the
  success of others as well as to personal excellence.

  ~ To utilize organized sports as a vehicle for developing important life skills, such as service, leadership, cooperation, communication, organization, and appropriate relationships.

  ~ To provide the opportunity for young men and women to develop athletic skills.